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Dec 27, 2012 9:00pm PST
, numbness and pain. >>reporter: dr. karen boyle says women can even experience symptoms without realizing the cause. >> one woman described it as a floating sensation when she was walking. her thigh kind of felt weak and tingling an got pain in the thigh. >>reporter: she says combining the jeans with ultra high heel can worsen the effect. >> because the pelvis tilt some it further accentuate the pressure that is caused on the nerves. >>reporter: experts say one good option is to consider jeans with stretch built in them. >> it is 64 percent polyester. 31 percent cotton. 5 percent expand ex. >>reporter: short of that shop for cut with slightly more room in the thigh area where the nerves are most likely to become compressed. this is abc 7 news. >> one more note on this. doctors warn that the condition can be serious and potentially cause permanent nerve daniel if the problem is not correct the. >>> just ahead here. saying goodbye to national hero. plus going over the fiscal cliff and just how much it could cost you if legislators can't come to an agreement. you will be surprisinge
Dec 28, 2012 3:00am PST
alabama hospitality is incredible. thanks, karen. love your mississippi outdoors. i vote for your florida beaches, dawn. bill, this louisiana seafood is delicious. we're having such a great year on the gulf, we've decided to put aside our rivalry. now is the perfect time to visit anyone of our states. the beaches and waters couldn't be more beautiful. take a boat ride, go fishing or just lay in the sun. we've got coastline to explore and wildlife to photograph. and there's world class dining with our world famous seafood. so for a great vacation this year, come to the gulf. its all fabulous but i give florida the edge. right after mississippi. you mean alabama. say louisiana or there's no dessert. this invitation is brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. >>> i love that photo, because right in that picture you were thinking, why am i the only one at fenway? >> i know. you were there on the wrong day, admit it. >> that often happens at my age. there's no game today? there's no game? >> no wonder i got a good seat. >> he's usually up a little higher, reverend. >> it's a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2